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The Krypto - Funkfernschreiber 58 (KFF 58) was one of the most advanced radioteletype systems with automatic encryption available in the late fifties. It was used in several medium to high power wireless stations.

Teletype system with automatic encryption Bedienungsanleitung

based on the Vernam principle with integrated key generator

VW Bus mit SE-222Mounted in a Volkswagen Bus, the KFF 58 was used connected to the single sideband shortwave transceiver SE-222. This combination showed very favourable in the topographc conditions of the relatively small and hilly Switzerland.
KFF 58 und SE-222

Steyr mit SE-415 The KFf 58 was also used together with the high power shortwave radioteletype station SE-415, it was installed on a wireless truck Steyr 4x4.
KFF 58 und SE-415

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