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BC-322 front view
Manpack transceiver,

Analog dial

AM, pout 100 mW

52 - 66 MHz

Sensitivity: around 10 uV


Handset TS-11-A, Antenna AN-29, battery BA-32, canvas bag BG-71

The BC-322 / SCR-195 is a very early compact infantry manpack transceiver developed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps in around 1938. It's an AM transceiver operating in the VHF band with a tuneable VFO between 52 and 66 MHz.

The receiver was designed to be carried around in a canvas bag, the antenna could be screwed to a socket at the top of the set. The matching battery BA-32 could be attacked to the bottom of the transceiver with two battery straps, the set usually was used with a handset TS-11-A.

BC-322 inside view

The BC-222 / SCR-194 was a very similar set transmitting in the 28 - 52 MHz range and used by the artillery, it came with a microphone T-24 and headphones HS-22

I would be interested in an (electronic) copy of the Technical Manual TM-11-238

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