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Gretag Telekryptogerät TC-61
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The Zurich based company Dr. E. Gretener AG who had already developed the teleprinter ETK and the Telecrypto 53 ciphering machine, a ciphering based on similar technology but able to encrypt messages in Baudot Code CCITT No. 2 has been developed in the early sixties: their Telecrypto 61 could be used in conncetion with standard Siemens teletype machines.

Ciphering machine

The Telecryptogerät TC-61 consists of a base unit with all control elements to synchronize and control a standard Baudot code teleprinter

and a set-top ciphering unit which does the encrypting / decoding and with a mechanical key generator SPG to provide true random message keys.

Usually, the Telecrypto 61 has been used together with the teleprinter Siemens Stg-100 or the paper tape teleprinter Siemens Stg-68 in wire - bound use.

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