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In the year 1953, Autophon got the order to develop a military vehicle station, the SE-407/SE-411 was introduced in 1957/63 with the troops.
Based on their design, Autophon constructed the VHF aeronautical ground station SE-410 in 1956, the Swiss Air Force purchased 35 sets. The station has been in use as fixed ground station (in a rack) (SE-410/f), as mobile ground station SE-410/m in a Dodge CC and a Mowag Fliegereinsatzwagen (FlEiw) and as SE-410/t portable use.


VHF transceiver TR93

100 - 116 MHz , 12 out of 161 channels

A3 (AM)

pout A3 15 W

VHF auxiliary receiver ZE93E

100 - 116 MHz

power supply SG93 or mains power supply NG93, control unit BG83

Autophon developed a ground station for aircraft communications technically based on their vehicle station SE-407

In the station SE-410/f, which was used in "mountain stations", the transceiver TR93, the mains power supply NG93, the auxiliary receiver ZE93E and the control unit BG93 as well as a control unit for remote control are all installed in a huge steel rack.
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In the transceiver and in the auxiliary receiver, the mechanical instantuner is used. Twelve out of 161 channels in the 100 - 116 MHz range could be pretuned and selected from the control unit with the channel selector.

The SE-410 was developed in 1956 and saw first use by the troops in 1959, it was faded out not before 1985.

I would be very thankful for further information and images from field use.

further information:
The station is displayed at the Swiss Air Force museum at Dubendorf.

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