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To be used as a mobile transceiver on the jeep, a series of U.S. Signal Corps BC-659 sets has been bought as war suplus after the end of WWII. In Switzerland, these sets got the designation REX, after the new naming scheme in 1951, they carried the designation SE-201/m (the m stands for mobile use).


Two crystal controlled fixed frequencies
in the 27 - 38,9 MHz range, 120 channels.

FM (F3)

pout F3 1,3 W

Sensitivity SSB<2uV


Battery case CS-79, Vibrator case PE-117 (6, 12 V)
mobile use with 3 m whip antenna on vehicle, 4 m antenna for portable use
Reglement Funkgerät REX

The wireless station SE-201 consists of the transceiver itself in a metal cabinet (14 kg) attached to either a battery case CS-79 (for portable use, HT / anode battery BA-39 and LT / heaters battery BA-40) or a vibrator voltage converter case PE-117 (for mobile use onboard a vehicle from a 6 or 12 V car battery).
The transceiver can be operated with a 4 m rod antenna or for onboard use on a vehicle with a 3 m whip antenna; a remote control set allows the transceiver to be controlled over fiel telephone line from a maximum distance of 200 m.
As standard communications range, a distance of 3 - 15 km is stated, that's a bit more then with a standard citizens band radio.

SE-201 auf Jeep

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