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In the year 1935, the wireless station Telefunken Stat 272 Bs has been evaluated by the Swiss Army as a possible successor of the very outdated Swiss Army wireless equipment dating from the twenties.
In 1931, Telefunken did develop a portable wireless set with 5 Watts output power, consisting of the 5W-transmitter Spez 469 Bs and the receiver Spez 445 Bs, both portable "backpack" sets, the whole station was known as Kleinfunkgeraet a or Fu 9 . The German eingineers preferred separate receivers and transmitters in these years.
A similar set with a combined transceiver in one "backpack" was the 15 Watts transceiver Sendeempfaenger SE469A, Telefunken designation Stat 272 Bs, it has been in use by the German police. An improved variant, the SE528S / Stat 272S has been introduced with the German Navy.

An export variant of the Stat 272 under the Telefunken designation Stat 1002 Bs consisting of the transceiver Ase 211 covering the frequency range of 3 - 5 MHz, abattery case Spez 992 Bs, and a pedal-driven electric generator has been ordered by the Swiss Army and has been produced locally at Telefunken Zürich in 1935 - 1946, this set got the Swiss designation "Tragbar Leicht ("portable light") / TL" resp. SE-210.
The wireless set "TLA" was nearly identical, but had a different frequency range of 2,0 - 3,33 MHz. This set with Telefunken designation Stat. 1011 Bs, consisting of the transceiver Ase 3017, battery box and pedal-driven generator has been used by Artillery units and has been introduced 1942 / 1944.
In 1942, new antennas have been added, in 1951 a mains power supply NG TL" which provided all necessary voltages for heaters and plates and could also be used to charge the accumulators in the battery box, produced by Zellweger (Uster), has been added. Make sure never to run the TL with power supply NG TL without having a 6V accumulator properly installed.
Under their new designation SE-210 / SE-211, the TL wireless sets have been in service as standby transceivers in the units equipped with the SE-222 well into the sixties and have been faded out in 1980, nearly half a century after their first evaluation.

TL / SE-210

Transceiver Ase211
3 - 5 MHz, A1 15W, A2, A3 8W
bottom row from the left connectors for headphones, microphone with "push to talk" button and morse key.
Battery Case Spez992Bs
below the drawer with the accessories, You find the switch for charging the accumulators and normal operation. Underneath, there is space for the three 60V plate voltage batteries and at the left, the space for the 6V iron - nickel - accumulator.
Mains Power Supply NG TL
provides all necessary voltages for filaments and plates and accumulator charging, never run the TL with the mains power supply without a 6V accumulator installed.
The antenna tuner AI 3021 has originally been stored in a different case.

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