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In parallel to the VHF communications system SE-412 / VRC-12, the Swiss Army acquired the mobile VHF transceiver U.S. Signal Corps PRC-77 with the same frequency coverage, it got the Swiss military designation SE-227.


Mechanical frequency display, accuracy 50 kHz,
920 channels in the ranges A 30-52,95 and B 53-75,95 MHz

FM (F3)

pout 1 - 3 W



operated from 15 V batteries or from 24 V DC using vehicular power supply OA-3633;
mobile antenna AT-892 for portable use, AT-271A 3 m long distance antenna or AS-1729 3 m whip antenna for vehicle use.

The transceiver in completely solid state techology can be used as manpack set, as mobile vehicle station, as a remote controlled or relay station. The version used in the Swiss Army as SE-227 comes with a metal backpack frame with a canvas bag for spares ("microtel", antenna material, noise headset, antenna output control lamp) and a replacement battery.

The set covers the military VHF communications band in zwo ranges (A band 30 - 52,95 and B band 53 - 75,95 MHz) in 50 kHz steps, with it's output power of 1 - 3 Watts in Fm telephony, the operation range with the 90 cm mobile antenna is up to 3 km, with the 3 m long disctance and vehicular whip antenna up to 12 km.
For use as a manpack transceiver, the SE-227 is powered from a 15V dry cell battery which should last about 40 hours for standard mixed use, the power supply OA-3633 powers the transceiver from a 24 Volts vehicle battery and with a voltage converter also from a 12 car battery installation. The power supply unit is equipped with a high power audio amplifier and a speaker.

On the front panel, You find the external power supply connector, a socket for the mobile antenna and a 50 Ohms coaxial socket for the cable of a car antenna, at the left hand.
In hte middle, You find two rotary controls to select the operation frequency indicated mechanically in a small window, two channel settings can be "preset" mechanically, You have to consult the user's manual how to proceed.
At the right side, below the connector for the microtel (AUDIO), You find the volume control and the operation modes switch. In position SQUELCH, a audio frequency operated squelch system using a 150 Hz audio frequency signal to open the speaker stage of the other station, is active, RETRANS is used for relay operation and LITE to activate the dial illumination.

The relay equipment consists of a canvas bag with a small box, all necessary connectors and a 15 m cable.

The SE-227 has been used for tactical and technical communications within divisions, batallions, companies or platoons, either in portable use or installed on a vehicle.
The "Fernbesprechungsausrüstung BFA" / remote control SE-227/412 can be used to control the transceiver from a command post or a shelter, the "Ortsbetriebsgerät" / local set is connected with the SE-227's audio jack and the "Fernbetriebsgerät" / remote set, is connectedto it with a stand fiel telephone line.

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