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überarbeitet am 8.9.2010

The wireless station "TLA" with it's frequency range of 2,0 - 3,33 MHz is nearly identical to the "Tragbar Leichte Funkstation" "TL". The set carried the Telefunken designation Stat. 1011 Bs, consisting of the transceiver Ase 3017, Battery Case and pedal-operated generator; it was ordered for Artillery units in 1942 / 1944.

Transceiver, 2,0 - 3,3 MHz

Analog dial, ca. 5 kHz

A1 (CW), A2, A3 (AM, telephony)

Two mechanical presets

Transmitter pout
A1: 15W, A2/A3 8W

Reglement Funkstation TL / SE-210


With the artillery units, the wireless station "TLA" with a frequency coverage of 2,0 - 3,33 MHz has been introduced in the years 1942/4, it has a very similar construction to the "TL" set.
The station with the Telefunken designation Stat. 1011 Bs consists of the transceiver Ase 3017, a battery case with the acuumulators and power control circuits and a pedal operated generator.
Because of the longer wavelengths, some more antenna elements are necessary to erect the 16 m standard antenna.
Similarly to the "TL" station, the TLA is powered from a LT / heaters accumulator and HT / anode batteries in reception mode; in the transmit mode, the necessary higher anode voltage is generated by a pedal-operated generator, this will also charge the accumulator for the valve heaters.

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